Impact on healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly and indirectly put a great strain on healthcare through treating patients with diseases related to COVID-19 infections as well as patients with other conditions and the knock on impacts of healthcare staff absences due to the virus. The strain on healthcare, and number of people in hospital, was one factor in the decision for a national lockdown in England at the end of 2020.

Data for admissions include people admitted to hospital who tested positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to admission, and those who tested positive in hospital after admission. Inpatients diagnosed with COVID-19 after admission are reported as being admitted on the day prior to their diagnosis. Admissions to all NHS acute hospitals and mental health and learning disability trusts, as well as independent service providers commissioned by the NHS are included.


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The figure below shows the rolling number of new admissions and inpatient diagnoses in the past 7 days.

By default, we show the national picture, although you can select the South East NHS region overall or one of the NHS Trusts operating around the West Sussex area. This will include hospitals located outside of the county.

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The figure below shows the number of patients with a positive COVID-19 test result at 8:00am on a given day. It also shows the number of patients occupying beds which are capable of mechanical ventilation.

Note that the data for people in hospital is two days ahead of the data on admissions.

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The next figure shows the number of COVID-19 positive patients occupying General and Acute adult inpatient beds.

This is not quite the same as the number of patients in the figures above as it only includes adult inpatient beds, but it is expected that adults represent 99% of COVID-19 admissions in hospitals.

The data also are only available for three of the Sussex NHS Trusts (Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust', Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust)

This data is only available from November 2020 onwards.

Data source: NHS England