Cases in your local area

Data on the number of new confirmed cases at a very localised area called an output area (Middle Layer Super Output Area, or MSOAs for short) is now available. This is useful as it means you can see what cases are like where you live or where your friends and family live. We do not get the same detail from the data published at this level compared to wider areas and when there are fewer than three cases in a seven day period in the MSOA, these are supressed.

However, you can search for a postcode in the box below for any postcode in England and a marker will appear on the map with more detail about cases in that local area.

Data source:

It should be noted that at a small area level (particularly at a local neighbourhood level such as MSOA) figures can fluctuate considerably from day to day and a small change in the number of cases (for example if a few large family groups test positive) this can have a big impact on the rates, so it is always worth considering not only your immediate area but the wider area when looking at the current situation and trends.